Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows

The Great British Vape Shop and the marshmallowist

The flavour is: Cannabis, Grapefruit + Pink Peppercorn  

gourmet marshmallow crafted from organic cannabidiol (CBD) the non psychoactive extract of Cannabis. We've carefully selected 1000mg full plant CBD oil to create this unique treat. This high strength hemp has then been whipped up with fresh grapefruits and pink peppercorns to give it a citrus lift and a touch of spice- complementing the botanical notes of the cannabis. 

This is a collaboration with the Marshmallowist that we've been carefully planning for a while, we are extremely happy with the taste and effects. We all hope our customers like it too.

The CBD oil is developed with nano technology providing exceptionally high bioavailability and therapeutic effect. It is absorbed rapidly and completely by the body when taken orally. You feel the effects immediately upon eating. Each marshmallow contains a minimum of 3 drops of 1000mg Cannabidoil.

not to be eaten whilst pregnant.

ingredients: sugar, glucose, invert sugar, fresh pink grapefruit, FISH gelatine, glycerin, pink peppercorns, full spectrum hemp CBD extract 1000mg strength, cornflour, icing sugar.

allergen advice: may contain traces of nuts.

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