Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows

The Great British Vape Shop and the marshmallowist

The flavour everyone is talking about: Cannabis + Pink Grapefruit. 

This mallow is causing a real buzz- A gourmet marshmallow crafted from organic cannabidiol (CBD) the non psychoactive extract of Cannabis. We've carefully selected full spectrum CBD oil to create this unique treat. This high strength hemp has then been whipped up with fresh grapefruits and pink peppercorns to give it a citrus lift and a touch of spice- complementing the botanical notes of the cannabis. 

Stylist magazine called this flavour "The millennial version of After Eights" and The Daily Mail stated "These marshmallows are truly delicious and melt in the mouth"

The CBD oil we use is from The Tonic - providing exceptionally high bioavailability and therapeutic effect. crafted from full spectrum organic cbd - the friendly part of the cannabis plant - we infuse 10mg into each mallow. to enliven the botanical notes we whip them up with fresh grapefruit and pink peppercorns giving them a citrus lift and a touch of spice. each of our mallows is hand finished with a slice of pink grapefruit.

please consume responsibly. do not eat whilst pregnant or nursing. each mallow contains 10mg of cbd. do not exceed the dose of two marshmallows (20mg of cbd) per day. this product uses cannabis that is grown on organic farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar, fresh grapefruit juice, FISH gelatine, glycerine, pink peppercorns, organic full spectrum hemp CBD 400mg strength (4% potency), dried grapefruit, salt, cornflour, icing sugar.

allergen advice: contains fish gelatine, may contain traces of nuts


1 box is 120g and contains 6 signature marshmallows.

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